ASHA Family Day

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is ASHA Family Day event?

It is a Fun Filled competition that the entire family can take part in and win prizes/ RTP area bragging rights. The competitions will be followed by an awards ceremony, entertainment night and dinner. There will be Education breakouts as well where local experts will be available for discussing future trends in education, college careers

  1. Is there a Fee to participate in the event?

Yes. Every participant needs to have a ticket to participate in the events.

  1. What is the ticket for?

The ticket is for taking part in the competitions and admission to the awards ceremony, entertainment night with Dinner included

  1. Can I just buy tickets just for the competitions or just for the awards entertainment night individually?

No. unfortunately we are not selling tickets just for competitions or the awards entertainment night individually. It is an all-inclusive ticket

5.What does the family ticket get me?

Up-to 4 members of a family can all participate in competitions and they all can attend the awards entertainment night with Dinner included

  1. What happens if my family has more than 4 members? I want to bring my parents, in-laws, extended family along?

You can buy either extra individual tickets or multiple family tickets. Again, it is all inclusive for competitions and awards entertainment night

  1. Are there any discounts for Multiple ticket purchases?

Please call organizers for group discounts

  1. With a valid ticket, can I take part in all competitions?

Each individual with a valid ticket can take part in a maximum of 2 individual competitions (between Chess, Carrom, Cooking, Art, x-box) and 1 Family competition (Trivia). Certain games will have limited availability and therefore its best to register early

  1. How do I register for the competitions?

Please use the link after your purchase your tickets :