ASHA for education has expanded its charter to help many individuals impacted by COVID19. ASHA COVID19 page has all the details for how ASHA is helping the following groups that are impacted:

  1. Migrant laborers and children who have moved from rural areas to cities for work
  2. Rural communities, transgenders, orphans and the homeless
  3. Children from low income families that cannot receive daily free mid day meals offered in government schools but schools are shut down
  • Till date $118,286 has been raised benefitting 11541 families in 14 states.
  • Many families have been provided dry ration, cooked meals through ASHA projects.
  • ASHA project volunteers on the ground are also helping educate on COVID19 related hygiene and self-care
  • All funds raised are directly benefiting impacted populations with no money spent on overheads or other costs

As we know these are challenging times for all of us. The challenges for daily wage workers and migrant workers are compounded several times than what we are facing here in the US. These individuals need our help.

ASHA RTP is committed to helping these groups impacted by COVID19 and we are requesting your help to donate towards this cause. Most companies in the RTP area and all over US should match your donation 100%. You can check with your organizations to see if any ASHA chapter is listed for a match.

You can donate online through our RTP chapter link here

Once you donate, please work with your organization to get a match for your donation. The match can be for any ASHA chapter and that will still go towards the cause.

You can follow the ASHA COVID19 facebook fundraiser here for updates ASHA COVID19 Facebook fundraiser